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About Roxanne Coyne

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Roxanne Coyne

Roxanne was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in the United States and Brazil (yes, she also speaks Portuguese!). She has lived in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Minnesota, California, Rio de Janeiro and, most recently, Texas.

Teamwork behind the lens

Roxanne’s professional career started in Hollywood, where she worked for 7 years as a First Assistant Camera Operator. It was a great introduction to the art of movie-making and during those years she developed an understanding of the various on-set trades and how they interact.  Most importantly, she learned how each department supports the others: Camera, grip and electric, art department and talent and production staff all come together to tell a story, and they each play a crucial role. They are all important. One weak link slows everything down and can even shut down a production.

An appreciation for teamwork is something Roxanne has taken with her long after leaving the camera department.

On-Camera Work and Voiceover

Camera work eventually gave way to an acting career. Roxanne appeared in a number of commercials, theater productions, and independent films throughout the 1990’s. She was a member of the Knightsbridge Theater, a classical theater company in Los Angeles. On camera, she was Lois the Internet lady– a spokesperson for BellSouth.  

During that time Roxanne began booking voice acting jobs with a number of distinguished clients, among them Time Warner Cable, GTE and Albertson’s Supermarkets. Voiceover was a natural fit for her, and her ability to record in both English and Spanish put her in a unique position to serve the needs of today’s global marketplace.

Full-time Professional Voice Talent

Today, Roxanne lives in the Austin area with her family.  She can be heard on the radio, on TV, on the internet and on telephone systems throughout the country. 

Her clients include banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, and IT professionals, retailers, educational software developers, advertising and marketing firms, and health management organizations. Her clients are established firms and start-ups, local businesses and national corporations. She loves her work and appreciates each and every one of her clients. Some of them have been working with her for more than 15 years.

The lessons learned in the early days, back on the film crew, are still valid.  It’s still about teamwork. It’s about doing her job exceptionally well and understanding her client’s needs.  That’s the heart and soul of what Roxanne brings to her work every single day.