Roxanne is a highly regarded audiobook narrator and Audie Award Finalist. She works with the top audiobook producers in the business, including Skyboat Media, Blackstone Audio, Deyan Audio, Brilliance, Harper Audio and Dreamscape. Her language abilities in Spanish, Portuguese and French, in addition to a wide range of accents and regional dialects in English make her an excellent choice for a wide-ranging array of genres and allow her work to be enjoyed by a large and diverse audience.


Mystery, suspense, crime, Hispanic fiction, science fiction, romance, fantasy, memoirs, politics, social science, history, children’s books and young adult.

Regional dialects include:

California up-speak, Chicano, Central Texas, Minnesota, Boston, Mid-Atlantic and general Southern US.

Roxanne can also speak in Spanish-accented English, Portuguese-accented English and French-accented English.

From Roxanne:

As an audiobook narrator, my mission is to honor the author’s intent. While anyone can read a book aloud, my job is to go beyond the mere recitation of words and fully immerse you in the story. My goal is to breathe life into the characters, to make them feel real and multidimensional.

But it’s not just about bringing the characters to life; it’s also about creating a relationship with the listener.  Whether I’m telling a compelling story or conveying important ideas, I strive to connect with the listener in a way that leaves a lasting impact. It’s a responsibility that I take seriously, and one that I’m honored to fulfill every time I step behind the mic.

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Bird with the Heart of a Mountain


Hello Roxanne, I just received a box of cd’s of the audiobook for “Bird with the Heart of a Mountain.” I’ve listened to the first seven chapters – 2 of them in my garage because I just couldn’t drag myself out of the car! You were amazing! The variety of voices, your timing, rhythm, inflection, and accent -beautiful, just beautiful. It was so thrilling – like being introduced to my story for the first time. Or, seeing someone I’ve known in a whole new way. What a gift! You’ve embodied Drina for me, and given her a voice. Thank you, Roxanne!

~ Barbara Mariconda


I am totally pleased with Roxanne Hernandez. First, she made corrections to obvious errors on my part. Second, the different voices that she used clearly distinguish the characters, and she was consistent with the voices throughout the novel. Third, I would never have envisioned Erin Mendoza to be a native spanish speaker, but that characterization was wonderful, welcome, and expertly done. Fourth, the expressions and inflections added to the text, make this a production which exceeds a majority of readings I hear on audiobooks, of which I listen to more than one a week. I am so totally grateful, totally satisfied, and totally appreciative. I hope Roxanne is available for the next book.

~ Tony Scott, MD

Silent Rape