Lack of time, or fear?

I managed to avoid the whole issue of blogging for quite a while by convincing myself I just didn’t have time for such things.  I’m too busy meeting deadlines or tending to other parts of my business.  After all, this is a lively studio and there are always a dozen other  pressing tasks to complete.

But  if I’m to be honest about it, I think I avoided the blog because I’m scared of the backside of my website–the admin panel.

It’s one of those irrational fears of technology that occasionally get in my way and become mental blocks.

When Stuck, Seek Professional Help

Getting ‘unstuck’ from a mental block is a worthy of a blog post all its own, but for now, I’ll cut to the chase.  I analysed the predicament I was in and decided the best way out was to call an expert.

Michel Hales–Ideally Digital

My expert is Michel Hales, owner of Ideally Digital.  Michel is my website designer and she’s one of the most organized people I’ve ever met.  She’s also an effective coach and an excellent businessperson.

Let’s hear it for the RECORD button on ZOOM!

First, I asked Michel to add a blog page to my site.  She did that, and then we set up a zoom meeting.

Our meeting lasted about an hour (we covered a few other computer mysteries that had been on my mind) and in the end I had the tools I needed to create this dazzling example of blog-dom.

The fearsome admin panel can be rather daunting at first, but I think with time I will be more comfortable with it.  Like any other software, the more you use it, the easier it gets.  And recording the zoom meeting for reference is one of the keys to success down the road.

Learning to post a blog to a website is a small, but important step for me as a business owner.   I’m embarrassed to admit that this mental block was so easy to overcome.  All I had to do was call on someone I trusted to help me through it.   Why did I wait so long?   The answer was right at my fingertips.

If you would like to know more about Michel, visit her website Ideally Digital and see what she can do for you.  She’s a joy to work with and she’ll be there to hold your hand as you take your own first baby steps into the depths of the not-so-scary admin panel.