Explainer Videos

Difficult concepts made easy. Whether it’s finance, healthcare, hospitality, tech, tools or tricycles—Roxanne’s got it covered.

Roxanne’s Approach to Explainers

In addition to narrating hundreds of explainers throughout the years, I’ve also been on the production side with my husband, who is an outstanding director and producer. I’ve witnessed the process of putting a voice track to work and am familiar with some of the issues that producers encounter along the way: maybe the tone of the narration isn’t quite right, or the pacing might be off in places. Or something unexpected happens and part of the script needs to be modified.

These issues are normal and that’s why I’m open to recording several passes of a script and making adjustments as needed until the client is satisfied.

I begin by getting as much information as possible before I record. If there is a storyboard or if the music has been chosen, that helps. If the client has reference videos, those help, too.

I get feedback from the client after delivering the voice file. Then, I go back and make adjustments and submit a second pass. Most of the time, one or two takes does the trick.  But, if necessary, I’ll continue to work on it.

Directed sessions are always an option!  If you prefer to work ‘live’, just let me know.

Explainer Video Clients Include:

3M • Financial Aid TV • Broadridge • Healthcare Marketplace • Stanford Health • Snow Joe • Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities • University of W. Georgia • Providence Public Schools • MA Health Quality Partners • Rhode Island DOT